Gunman kills five in California in the recent shootings

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According to recent reports, police said on Wednesday that an unidentified gunman recently shot and killed four people in a continuous shootings and his wife too in Southern California. After committing all this killings, the unidentified gunman took his own life. According to local police, the gunman begun killing his own wife before killing other four people consecutively. According to the way the events went down, Sheriff Donny Youngblood from Kern County in a news conference said that initially the man went together with his wife at a trucking company located in Bakersfield, California, whereby the man took out a gun and shot dead a man within the premises after which he turned his gun to his wife and killed her on the spot. However, after committing the killing, according to reports the man then chased another man within the trucking company and after a long chase he finally shot and killed him just few clicks from a sports store. The gunman nevertheless didn’t stop at that, it was reported that later the man killed other two men within the same residence, after which then stole a vehicle which belonged to woman before he went and killed himself after confrontation by the sheriff’s deputy.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood in a statement after the incident occurred said that Surprisingly, the entire incident from the local police took place between 10 to 15 minutes. In his statement he added that according to his encounter with situation like this, this was new normal which he said if one looked across the country would realize it was odd. He continued by describing the entire incident as mass shooting. In this incident 6 people died in a short period of time. Authorities on the other hand are working tirelessly to determine the reason behind the started, also why many players took part in the incident and more so the entire connection to the killings since obviously these were not mere random shootings. According to the sheriff, there must be a situation which caused the husband to get extremely upset and do the killing before taking his own life. However, the sheriff did not disclose in anyway any identities of the victims.