Syria and Iran sign military cooperation deal

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According to recent reports, Iran and Syria just signed a military cooperation deal. This followed after the meeting between the two countries defense ministers. This meeting was held in Damascus. From the reports, Amir Hatami, the Iranian Defence Minister traveled from Iran to Damascus on Sunday for a 2-day tour, where the minister met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the senior military officials in Syria.

However the Iranian government have supported Syrian President As hard al-Assad in the military sector in the fight against civil war within Syria. However the efforts of the reports and the news agency, the Tasanim news agency responsible for Syrian government news did not disclose a single bit about the military deal which was signed between the two countries. Nevertheless, John Bolton, the U.S. National Security Adviser demanded the removal of Iranian troops from Syria.

However, Iranian government on the other hand responded to the U.S. National Security Adviser by stating that Iran troops in Syria are there at an invitation of the Assad government. And therefore they have no plans of any kind of removing the troops from Syria. In addition to this, following the military cooperation deal signed between Iran and Syria, it is now evident that Iran is not planning anytime soon in removing it’s troop from Syria unless ordered by the Assad government.

According to John Bolton, U.S. National Security Adviser, having Iran troops within Syrian territory is not a good idea.  Considering Iran is among powerful countries in terms of defence. From the reports, U.S. National Security Adviser was not comfortable with the signing of this military deal between the two countries. U. S on the other hand has never been in good terms with Iran interms of defence and security. However,  this could not stop the military deal being signed between the two countries.

According to Iran,  signing a treaty between Syria and them is a good idea. This will not only help in dispensing military troops when assistance is needed by any of the two countries but will also ensure that there exist peace and harmony between the two countries. Like before,  the two countries used to fight but after the new signed treaty among their military defence,  then the fight will seize and peace will now be the major factor among them.