UK PM under pressure following critics tear onto her Brexit plan.

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According to recent reports, it has been reported that According to Boris Johnson the former foreign secretary in a statement said that Theresa May, UK prime Minister Brexit’s strategy means that this would be a major disaster for Britain. As critics levels at home rises and the officials in the Brussels step up against their opposition on her plans on ways of leaving the European Union. This followed after two months review before EU and Britain went into an agreement concerning a deal which would last 40 years of union. However, May is working so hard to make sure she sells her business-friendly Brexit across the divided country and more so sell this same Brexit on her own party.

In addition to this, Johnson, who is considered as May’s Party favor potential successor to most within the governing Conservative is reported to have resigned in July following a protest against the so-called prime minister’s Chequers plan. On Monday, Johnson in the Daily Telegraph newspaper wrote that People as far as this chequer is concerned means disaster not only to Britain but also the people leaving next to Britain. In the newspaper, Johnson described this as attempts of going into battle with white flag on the other side fluttering over Britain’s leading tanks. He continued writing by saying that If the country continues on this basis, then most of the Brexit advantages should be thrown away.

According to Johnson, May’s plan which is based on protecting the cross-border trade with the EU will only make Britain loses all the control it had over its direction thereby preventing Britain from even becoming more competitive within its borders and also taking part in major trade deals with countries across the world. In his statement and I quote, Johnson said that Britain will only remain as the major EU taxi, at the same time locked in the boot with absolutely no control nor say on the trade destination. According to Johnson, the Prime Minister should drop this new Brexit plans and stick to the previous plan to relieve the pressure